I Can Smell the Colors…

Okay, just messing around with the format a bit to see if this is easier on the eyes than the ‘whiteboard’ look previously. For some reason I’ve always associated purple tones with Phish. So what do you think? Too much or not enough?

And with that in mind let’s just go ahead and link the Purple Dragon Studios tape. You know the one, right? April 26th, 1994? Radio show appearance where they dropped the only Sun Ra tune they have ever played? No?

Well, you should know it…

Phish — Purple Dragon Studios — Atlanta, GA 04.26.1994

I  Sample, Bouncin’, Maze, DWD>Fluffhead, Carefree

It is about what you’d expect from an in studio performance in 1994. Somewhat restrained but the edges show where it could go. From Maze on this is a highly worthwhile listen, particularly that Carefree. I’m still waiting for that song to pop up for real in a show…

11 thoughts on “I Can Smell the Colors…

  1. do you think I should axe the threaded comments? that aspect doesn’t seem to be working so well.


  2. I find myself humming what is essentially the Phish version of Carefree all the time and often when it has been months since I have last listened to that version. The full arkestra take on it is a different beast, to be certain. Not to say I prefer one over the other but the minimalist version with Trey offering up the bulk of the melody and Mike providing most of the color is mesmerizing.


  3. I like the new format. Easier on the eyes, particularly ones that probably should be wearing reading glasses like mine.

    And put me down as a big fan of their version of Carefree as well


  4. time stamp is waaaaaay off. I am in MA and I think it is currently set to Greenwich Mean Time or something.

    ::adds to the laundry list::

    and great call on the Purple Rain. I’m partial to the debut at the Mann in ’93 since I was there for it.


  5. plus, it is followed by one of my favorite old school Hoods. such a great build and very much an under the radar version.


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