12.29.PH – The Frankenshow Experience

Full Track Listing for the 12.29 Frankenshow Twitch broadcast with year of performance noted. Thanks to all who joined us, that was a ton of fun. Maybe next year we can tackle 12.30…


Piper (2003)

555 (2017)

The Connection (2009)

Caravan (1996)

Stash (1995)

Theme From The Bottom (1997)

Limb By Limb (2003)

It’s Ice (2013)

Wolfman’s Brother (2018)


Down With Disease (2013)

Carini (2019)

2001 (1998)

Possum (1997)

Tweezer (2009)

Twenty Years Later->Kung->Twenty Years Later (2016)

McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters (1995)

Big Black Furry Creature From Mars->Walk Away (1993)

Harpua (1996)

Good Times Bad Times (1994)


First Tube (2012)

Tweezer Reprise (2018)

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