Live Baitin’ – Cataloging

Recently I was trying to figure out whether a certain track from a show had been released as a “leaked” sbd (what we used to call the various songs that showed up on From The Archives shows or had otherwise been made available outside of a full show release) and started looking around to see if anyone had gone ahead and made a shareable doc listing all of the songs that had made their way to our ears in this manner. With how thorough our fanbase is it surprised me to not easily be able to find such a list, specifically for the LiveBait series that Kevin Shapiro and LivePhish have so graciously been providing us for more than ten years now (geez that makes me feel old to realize that has been happening for more than a decade now…)

So I decided to do something about it.

And this then became a little project to work on (yes yes I am well aware that I haven’t gotten back to working through Fall 1999 but new job, little time, etc. etc.) to re-engage myself with Phish after the typical, post holidays, nothing-to-look-forward-to-these-days ennui around my personal listening habits.

The link below is the first step in that project. This is a google doc that shows every track (I use that term instead of song since in many cases the single track is a suite of segued songs) that has been included in the now sixteen volumes of this series. That’s 180 total tracks covering more than 30 years of the band’s history and still but a small blip in the grand scheme of all of the amazing music Phish has provided us.

Now, the second part of this is that I am listening back through every volume and will be creating a somewhat shorter, just the best of the best LivePhish playlist from these that I will share once complete. Once through that I will probably also share a bit on the stats of what is included in the series because there are some cool little things such as the entire 07.09.1999 second now being out there in sbd form though not as a full show release (two sections of the set comprising the entirety of it have shown up on two different LiveBait volumes). That’s for later so in the short term, enjoy now having a reference point for these great compilations. Longer term I am planning on doing the same for the FTA series, but don’t hold your breath on the timing. Life has an incredible ability lately of getting in the way of my fun.

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