12.29.PH – The Frankenshow Experience

Full Track Listing for the 12.29 Frankenshow Twitch broadcast with year of performance noted. Thanks to all who joined us, that was a ton of fun. Maybe next year we can tackle 12.30…


Piper (2003)

555 (2017)

The Connection (2009)

Caravan (1996)

Stash (1995)

Theme From The Bottom (1997)

Limb By Limb (2003)

It’s Ice (2013)

Wolfman’s Brother (2018)


Down With Disease (2013)

Carini (2019)

2001 (1998)

Possum (1997)

Tweezer (2009)

Twenty Years Later->Kung->Twenty Years Later (2016)

McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters (1995)

Big Black Furry Creature From Mars->Walk Away (1993)

Harpua (1996)

Good Times Bad Times (1994)


First Tube (2012)

Tweezer Reprise (2018)

12.29 And Beyond

Well hello there!!

As we careen slowly and haphazardly towards the end of The Most Annoying Year Ever and sitting here just a week away from what is traditionally one of the best, most reliable time of year on the Phish calendar, it is time to let you know about some plans that have been being worked out for your streaming enjoyment. No, unfortunately, I am not talking about anything official from the band because, well, I have no such connections or information to share on that front and they haven’t exactly been telling us much at all… yet.

But there *WILL* be streams, don’t you worry! We may not have the draw or cache or talent that Phish does but the estimable @telas_muff along with a host of supremely creative folks has been bringing music to the masses throughout these pandemic times (and well before, frankly). We will continue that next week with a multi-night streaming event to coincide with whatever we end up being graced with by Phish around the holiday.

Things will kick off next Tuesday (12.29), one of the traditional high holy days of the Phish year. I will be debuting a project geared towards the date-conscious, nostalgic jam hunters out there. No more detail for now as I want to keep the surprise…

More to come on all of this but set your calendars now!

Expect nightly streams at www.twitch.tv/telas_muff on 12.29, 12.30, 12.31, and 1.1. Times and schedules will be announced on twitter under my handle (@Lost_Reflector) and @telas_muff amongst other places.

Get your extra curriculars in order and your stream caves prepped because there are many, many hours of music and video coming your way next week…

Feeeeel The Heat – Phish and American Airlines Arena

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

After so many years playing Holiday Runs in the Northeast with that one quite memorable stop in South Florida for Big Cypress, Phish decided that for their 2003 NYE Run they would play at the then relatively new American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL. A welcome change from the high cost hustle and bustle of New York City in late December, Miami offered up a new venue, new sights, and perhaps most enticingly warmth in a time of year we had grown accustomed to bundling up before and after sweating our asses off in the arenas of Boston and New York. The venue is home to the NBA’s Miami Heat but also has a rich history with music acts beginning on its opening night December 31, 1999 with local legend Gloria Estefan ringing in the new year while Phish played not that far away in the Everglades. Many many more have played the venue since with Phish stopping by for four night runs each of the three times they have visited the venue. And just recently an anecdote by the Dude of Life (aka Steve Pollak) on Tom Marshall’s enlightening podcast Under the Scales provides the connection we lacked for just why Phish started playing here. Apparently when Trey and Steve were both in high school at Taft Trey would stay up late playing music loudly and Eric, the guy who lived in the room below him, is (was?) now the President of AA Arena (not entirely sure on the actual position and such but the anecdote is around the 11:30 mark of the podcast linked above) and asked Trey to bring the band down to his arena which they did and now continue to do in rotation with MSG. And here twelve NYE Run shows later from the venue I think we would all agree that that connection opened the door for this venue to be considered as one of the most storied in the band’s history.

The twelve shows that Phish has played at this venue have all been as part of New Year’s Eve Runs with four played in 2003, four in 2009, and four for the 2014 Run which extended into 2015. The 2003 and 2009 runs fit the traditional format with the first show on the 28th and running through the big highlight three setter on the 31st while that 2014 run started on the 3st with the three subsequent shows falling on January 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of 2015. This wasn’t the first time the calendar influenced the sequencing of shows for a Holiday Run as for the 2002-2003 Run coming back from Hiatus which we just covered for the Hampton post had the same date layout. While it is unclear if and when the band might return to this venue if they stick to the not-quite-a-pattern it’ll probably be in 2019 or 2020 assuming they are still playing shows at that stage.

Here is your www.phishjustjams.com playlist for the Miami Jams. Now on to the shows!

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