Just a quick site update and plug for my new favorite place on these here intrawebz.

Recently, a couple of super phanner brothers put together a website to showcase the fantastic work they have done in focusing on the all killer no filler aspect of Phish that so many of us enjoy so much. This started out as a series of downloadable mixes with all of the jam segments from each tour going all the way back to that Spring 1993 tour I seem to have a thing for to where now you can go to this site and hear all that jam to your heart’s content. Yes I know that sentence is poorly constructed. I’m excited here. Give me a break.

The site is Phish Just Jams and I think you should just go ahead and dive in headfirst. Don’t worry, the jams are deep enough to catch you when you fall. It is pretty straightforward to use so just set the filters for the heart of the sun and go.

And just because I know the three of you who come here regularly (that is probably an exaggeration) are wondering why I bring this up it is that I am going to be peppering in some links to the jams from particular shows using this great resource to help highlight some of the more notable performances we come across going forward. In some cases I will link to the full song from a place like phish.in or phishtracks where appropriate but when discussing the evolution of the band’s musical explorations it is most appropriate to focus on the improvised sections of said music rather than the same composed and lyrical sections we hear over and over again.

Now let’s get to it!

I Can Smell the Colors…

Okay, just messing around with the format a bit to see if this is easier on the eyes than the ‘whiteboard’ look previously. For some reason I’ve always associated purple tones with Phish. So what do you think? Too much or not enough?

And with that in mind let’s just go ahead and link the Purple Dragon Studios tape. You know the one, right? April 26th, 1994? Radio show appearance where they dropped the only Sun Ra tune they have ever played? No?

Well, you should know it…

Phish — Purple Dragon Studios — Atlanta, GA 04.26.1994

I  Sample, Bouncin’, Maze, DWD>Fluffhead, Carefree

It is about what you’d expect from an in studio performance in 1994. Somewhat restrained but the edges show where it could go. From Maze on this is a highly worthwhile listen, particularly that Carefree. I’m still waiting for that song to pop up for real in a show…

Sui Generis

Greetings and welcome!

Please join me as I begin this latest endeavor to try to provide a bit of insight and discussion into this band Phish. I have no grand hope that this will become anything more than what it is: one fan’s introspections and musings on the variety of topics that arise when looking at the long and winding road that started with a few geeky musicians in Vermont only to become a cultural phenomenon and eventually one of the more interesting communities of the music world. What I look to create here is also a place for other like-minded people to share their thoughts and experiences with Phish, their music (and that of others that have even a tangentially-related congruence with them), and any other of a thousand possible topics that may arise from this initial jumping off point.

I look to be more facilitator towards that end rather than someone just putting out content of their own opinion, though there will be that too. I will have an on-going review of tours past starting with Spring ’93 and then branching out elsewhere depending on how things progress here but that will only be one facet of this dive into the depths of our reflection on what is — to me — the best band and communal experience for finding the connection to IT that so many of us crave. In all of this I hope that any who choose to come along will do so by commenting in a respectful and open-minded manner while also leaving their personal gripes at the door. I’m all for constructive criticism and challenging arguments between individuals who show each other mutual respect and hopefully we can maintain that in this teensy little corner of the internet if at least for a little while. And with that I’ll close by reminding you that I am not nor ever wish to present myself as anything more than an amateur in the writing game who happens to have a great deal of passion (still) for this band after 25 years of seeing them perform. Hopefully that is enough to get things off on the right path…

So in the interest of not setting expectations for this too high or too low, let’s get down to the nitty gritty and get this show on the road!