Survey Says…

So I realize that I have been deep into the Spring 1993 Tour and that is all fine and dandy if you are into that aspect of Phishtory but there may be more to be had in discussing other shows and tours, for more than one reason. I am completely open to this and wanted to simply finish what I had started with Spring ’93 but there is a natural stopping point upcoming here with the end of the West Coast leg of tour as they took a week or so off in heading to the Midwest (and supposedly appearing at a music award show). In truth, this would offer me the opportunity to get a little distance from ’93 to keep that from getting too stale while also allowing for exploration into some of the evolution and big jamming of later tours. I still plan on finishing out the April and May sections of that Spring ’93 Tour but the diversion into other eras is enticing…

So what say you?

What should be the next tour to take on?

Any specific shows we want to get down and dirty with?

5 thoughts on “Survey Says…

  1. I’d love to see one of the late 90s heavy hitter “obvious choices” personally. Anything from 97 through 99. Perhaps it makes sense to tackle each “mini era” in order, kinda? So ’94 should be after ’93 but if you start in like summer 97 and work forward, there’s a lot of evolution tour to tour, right?


  2. I’m leaning towards NOT staying with the chronology. I’m very familiar with everything pre-Fall 1998 as that was when I kind of dropped off for a while to backpack Europe and such so I’m kind of interested in diving into something from then forward. But I love fall ’94 so that is one that will be tackled eventually no matter what…

    and yes, starting with something like Summer ’97 (or Spring in Europe for that matter) would provide for a lot of evolution and potential conversation for certain.


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