Don’t You See Anything That You’d Like To Try?

Fall 98 Takeaways

You see that little spreadsheet above? That’s the tracking for our takeaways from this here Fall 1998 Phish Tour. This is the raw data from the end of each post where I identify what songs are potentially worthy of the highlight reel, based on a highly scientific set of criteria that is all subject to my personal and quite subjective preferences. The songs highlighted in yellow are the ones I throw in as “add ons”. Any time you see a segue notation (> or ->) that denotes that the song following it here is part of the sequence. There ends up being a lot of songs here to work through but this is what we do as scarily obsessive fans. I do not expect that another person’s list would be the same as mine but then they aren’t the guy writing this blog now are they?


Over the next few posts I will be taking these “takeaway jams” and categorizing them a bit, perhaps tiering them in some fashion. The goal here is really to revel in the wonderful music, not to offer anything that could be mistaken as ranking art. For simplification and ease of digestion it becomes more expedient to break them into groups but that is more convenience than anything. That said, there are some versions of songs here that are “next level” Phish and as such we will focus on them more than the relatively straight forward or otherwise not srs bns epcot level jams. If you feel that there is anything that I have missed here, leave it in the comments. That way we can all point and laugh at whoever puts forth the proposition that there should be more Wadings in the list (just as an example, of course…).



7 thoughts on “Don’t You See Anything That You’d Like To Try?

  1. Love this! As if we haven’t been embracing our collective Phish nerd status, this kicks it up another notch. Can’t wait to dig in here and get our hands dirty.


  2. it is the confluence of my phish geekery and my analytical brain. I work with spreadsheets all day long so it just makes sense to carry that over here. plus it makes it easier for me to track and then share info. I actually have notes for pretty much every song on here but those are hidden…


  3. Yeah grouping jams together is much easier than strict rankings. And since different people rank different jams differently ranking one jam 6 and another 7 etc. is unnecessary to me. Either grouping jams into tiers or giving a Top (arbitrary number) of jams is what works for me.


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