In Contemplor

This site is geared towards exploring the detail around Phish, particularly the minutiae that makes each show unique. While the focus is and will always be on the music first and foremost it is important to find the “why” behind what occurs on stage by looking at the setting and circumstances that make up the whole wonderfully diverse community upon which the entire endeavor is based. The site is not intended to be a tour log chronicling one fan’s experiences nor will it try to make more of the music than it is. I am a practical realist with a penchant for analysis and diving deep into the annoying detail of my interests, none which are more integral to who I am than my now twenty-five years plus following this exceptionally captivating band. All I hope to impart is my love for the music, the band, and the traveling circus that begs us each to come back time and again to find out what will happen next. Through this site I hope to share some of what I have come to know over the years and perhaps to save others some of the many many many hours that I have in scouring [almost] every piece of recorded music Phish (and the fantastic taper community) have brought to all of us. I encourage anyone interested to join me on this ride.

One thought on “In Contemplor

  1. The great documentation! Literature!
    Search the treasure trove and share the stories.


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